SPA DEL SOL -         L

- All of our massage technicians are hand picked and are the best at there craft. They are also certified and licensed with the state of California and the city of Palm Springs.

50 min - $100
80 min - $135
50 Min-$110
80 Min-$145


25 Min-$65
50 Min-$-$95

deep tissue
25 Min-$90
50 Min-$130
80 Min-$160


50 Min - $120
80 Min - $150
hot stone
50 Min-$130
80 Min-$160

50 Min - $110
4 To 8 Months Only

50 Min - $220
80 Min - $320

cooling foot
20 Min- $50
Simply relaxing and stress relieving head-to-toe massage. 
The use of a pure essential oil of either lavender or orange and  rosewood, which is one of the oldest remedies to relax and re-energize, will be used in your relaxing Swedish massage.

Blocked energy can be disolved and toxins released while massaging concentrated areas of the hands or feet.

With this invigorating massage,        specific techniques are used to physiologically release tension
in deeper  muscle and tissue structure. 

Deeper concentration in more stress-related areas will be integrated throughout your relaxing swedish massage. 
The smooth basalt lava stones are placed on the body to warm muscle and tissue areas. The therapist will then massage your body with the warmed stones.

A special combination of techniques and supportive positioning  is administered for this delicate and timely massage. 

This togetherness treatment adds aromatherapy to your side - by side massages.

Cool and soothing massage concentrated on the lower leg, foot and ankle. 
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